ITA’s membership is comprised of industry manufacturers of lift trucks, tow tractors, rough terrain vehicles, hand-pallet trucks and automated guided vehicles throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. ITA represents the forklift manufacturers in the United States and Canada. Suppliers of component parts and accessories may also join as associate members.


Become a Member

As an internationally recognized, member-driven organization, ITA promotes the industry and the safety of industry products. ITA has established the Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation and enhanced relationships with global associations through the Alliance of Industrial Truck Organizations. ITA also works closely with OSHA to save lives and avoid countless injuries by adopting new and updated safety regulations on operator training.

Exclusive member benefits include:

  • Access to comprehensive industry statistics programs and members-only industry resources.
  • Input in creating up-to-date engineering practices.
  • Productive and respected working relationships with OSHA and other government entities.
  • Numerous networking, marketing and sponsorship opportunities with domestic and international partners through meetings, forums and events.
  • Access to global market statistics.

Whether in the marketplace or in a meeting room, ITA keeps members educated and involved. ITA welcomes applications from all companies that qualify for either Regular or Associate Membership.


Regular Member

If you’re a manufacturer of industrial trucks who has been in existence for three years and done business in the United States, Canada or Mexico, you’re eligible to become a Regular Member. Click for Application


Associate Member

If you’re a manufacturer of major components, attachments or manually powered hand pallets trucks who does business in the United States, Canada or Mexico, you’re eligible to become an Associate Member. Click for Application



If you’re not a manufacturer or you don’t represent one, we’re sorry, but you are not eligible to join ITA.