Operator Training


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), approximately 70 percent of all forklift incidents in the United States could be avoided with proper safety training and policy. ITA has been trusted to train OSHA federal and state inspectors on forklift safety standards and requirements through the OSHA Alliance Program. This training provides first-hand knowledge of forklift safety, operating standards and regulations. You can access the regulations at

The Association also conducts activities to educate OEM employees on engineering and safety development programs. Additionally, all of our members provide training on their products and can be contacted for assistance in finding sources of training for their equipment.

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Regular Member Products

A Regular Member is a manufacturer of Industrial Trucks, Industrial Tractors or Personnel and Burden Carriers who does business in Canada, Mexico or the United States and has been in business for three consecutive years. View Products

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An Associate Member is a manufacturer of major components, attachments or manually powered hand pallet trucks. View Products