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An Associate Member is a manufacturer of major components, attachments or manually powered hand pallet trucks.

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Product Type Definition
Any component utilized in lift truck production not specifically defined in one of the other product classes that does not constitute a required part for the lift truck to perform its intended function.

Our Members

Cascade Corporation

PO Box 20187

Portland OR, 97294-0187

503-669-6300 (phone)
503-669-6716 (fax)

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Concentric AB Group

2222 15th Street

Rockford IL, 61,104.

815-398-4400 (phone)
815-398-5977 (fax)

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Continental Tire the Americas, LLC

1830 MacMillan Park Drive

Ft. Mill SC, 29707

704-583-8959 (phone)
704-583-6559 (fax)

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Crown Battery Manufacturing Company

1445 Majestic Drive

Fremont OH, 43420

419-334-7181 (phone)
419-334-7124 (fax)

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Curtis Instruments

200 Kisco Ave.

Mt. Kisco NY, 10,549.

914-666-2971 (phone)
914-666-2188 (fax)

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East Penn Mfg. Co., Inc.

Deka Road

Lyon Station PA, 19,536.

610-682-6316 (phone)
610-682-4212 (fax)

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14615 Lone Oak Road

Eden Prairie MN, 55344

952-937-7228 (phone)

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Electronic Controls Company

833 West Diamond Street

Boise ID, 83705-5291

208-395-8061 (phone)
208-395-8190 (fax)

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